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A quality wood garage door adds a charm in the appearance of a home while evoking a deep connection with nature. You can choose a single door made of wood material to fit in a small garage opening or several interconnected door sections, for a big garage to accommodate several cars. It is true that wood is prone to rot, pests attack and swells in humid or rainy weather but this can be prevented through proper treatment of the material before manufacturing the door. For example, manufacturers ensure that the wood is completely dry, treated to prevent pest attack and well prepared with a high quality finish. This makes the door durable and sturdy hence having a long lifespan just like the steel garage doors.


Advantages of wooden garage doors


Searching for designer garage doors? You cannot go wrong with a door made of wood material due to the following benefits:




Wooden doors of the garage are versatile hence available in varying styles, colors and sizes. There are different types of wood used to make modern garage doors of the garage such as mahogany, oak and pine among others. Each of the wood type has unique grains that provide the desired texture. In addition, wood material can be carved and stained with different shades to complement the general home décor. For example, custom garage doors are available that are unique and designed to suit individual specifications. If you are searching for a unique and classic home appearance, carriage house garage doors will suit your taste.


Durable and sturdy


A wooden garage door can last a lifetime due to the durability and sturdiness of the wood material and the process used in designing the door. When making the door, joints are hand sanded and the edges are beveled to keep the water away from the door to prevent rotting. In order to hold the wood pieces strongly in place, special screws and drill holes are used. Contact us for professional maintenance services that help in retaining the original quality of the door.


Energy efficient


Doors of the garage made from wooden material are heavy and likely to consume considerable amount of energy. However, these doors are easily insulated making them energy efficient. You can consider making a selection from readily insulated carriage garage doors that are energy efficient. In addition, installing high quality door springs and investing in a modern door opener prevents high energy consumption.


Availability of varying styles


Unlike other materials such as glass, aluminum and steel, wood allows for creativity that brings about breathtaking garage door styles. The doors are fitted with garage door panels that enhance the appearance of the door. Carriage style garage doors offer a wide variety of designs to choose from.




Wooden garage doors prices vary from one provider to the other. Quality doors made from wood are available at affordable cost in the market and you can access them through proper price research. The cost should be compared against quality and garage door styles available. Contact us to access great wooden garage doors for sale.

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