Top 10 Garage Doors

These are residential garage doors designed artistically to provide quality and style. Though made from steel material, they are furnished to appear like wood from a distance. Here are some interesting facts about these doors:


  • Durable
    These doors are designed to last a lifetime as they are made from strong steel material that requires low maintenance.
  • Superior energy efficiency
    These doors are designed with R-Value of 6.64-13.35 that enables them to maintain a standard temperature during the summer and winter seasons.
  • Safe
    These doors meet the safety standards as they provide pinch protection for the fingers and hands.

Amarr Vista garage doors are grouped among the specialty doors. They are available in varying window options to suit different individual tastes. Here are their unique characteristics:


  • Vista doors are made from sturdy glass material that is highly resistant to scratches and cracking.
  • Sleek and modern, designed with modern technology for high door performance.
  • These doors are reinforced to exceed the high wind building code of hence best for garages in strong wind prone regions.
  • Cost effective as they require low maintenance.
  • Available in unlimited powder coating that provides a wide range of door colors to suit varying residential themes.

Among the Amarr by design collection are the carriage house doors, a sheer communication of style and class. These doors have the following unique characteristics:


  • Durable
    These doors are made from sturdy wood material and protected with high quality furnish to withstand harsh environmental conditions including moisture.
  • Increased thermal efficiency
    The wooden carriage house doors are insulated with a R-Value of 9.0 that regulates temperatures during extreme seasons.
  • Wind load doors
    These doors are reinforced to fit the wind load building code of different regions prone to strong winds.
  • Unlimited designs
    Carriage doors are available in unlimited design to suit popular home themes. Though they may require high maintenance, professional services are readily available at cheap prices.

These are unique insulated steel and composite carriage house garage doors model. These doors are crafted using a combination of steel and wood. These doors possess the following qualities:


  • Durable
    The multiple layers of strong steel material and the outer layer of textured composite makes these doors to last a lifetime. The steel layers are reinforced using the layer coating system and hot dipped galvanized steel well baked on primer.
  • Thermal efficiency
    These doors are insulated for temperature regulation hence energy saving.
  • Stylish and versatile
    These doors are available in different colors and style that suit most home themes. When installed in a compound they provide a complete statement of elegance.
  • Economical
    They require low maintenance.

Canyon ridge doors collection, are insulated carriage house garage doors topped with faux wood overlays. Looks can be deceptive; these doors have the appearance of common swing out door models while in reality they have an upward operation. These doors have the following qualities:


  • Increased thermal efficiency
    Canyon ridge doors collection have intellicore insulation with an R-Value of 20.4. This makes them ideal for areas with extreme climatic conditions.
  • Resilient
    These doors are durable and highly resistant to moisture as they are designed with 5 layers of insulated steel. The faux wood is derived from strong mahogany, clear cypress or pecky wood.
  • Easy to maintain
    These doors have removable window grilles for easy cleaning and require low maintenance.

Fiberglass model 9800 garage doors are designed with a combination of artistically molded wood grain fiberglass with an underlying steel construction. Doors from this category are the best choice for those who prefer unique styles and for garages in high humidity regions. Characteristics of these doors include:


  • Varying styles
    Oakwood grain patterns of 9800 fiberglass door model are available in horizontal raised panel and vertical raised panels. Doors crafted with Cherry wood grain pattern features Sonoma panel designs while the Mahogany wood grain pattern has the horizontal V-groove panels.
  • Window patterns
    Square top and arched window patterns are available.
  • Durable
    They are engineered to last a lifetime
  • Low maintenance
    They require minimal maintenance.

Vinyl garage doors model 8700 are engineered to provide the desired home appearance transformation. Here are some unique qualities of vinyl 8700 doors:


  • Vinyl doors 8700 are ideal for garages in the coastal region as they are resistant to salty air and sand.
  • They are durable with the ability to maintain the original appearance as they do not rust, fade or crack easily.
  • Home owners can choose to have the Sonoma or colonial panel design. The doors are available in attractive colors that include glacier white, adobe cream, Monterey sand and Cape Cod gray.


There are several options for reinforced Vinyl 8700 doors that suit the wind load building code in different regions.

Wayne Dalton garage doors model 8850, made from aluminum material provide a contemporary style that adds a wow factor to residential buildings. These doors are engineered using a sturdy glass material surrounded by aluminum frames. The aluminum material is reinforced by powder coat, anodized and paint finishes. The following options are available:


  • Panel options
    Home owners can choose from a variety of light weight or heavy weight glass panel that includes 4 panels, 5 panels and 2 panels designs.
  • Color options
    Anodized finishes are available in clear, bronze and black colors. Alternatively, home owners can choose the door with powder coat finishing of black, brown, white and bronze.
  • Glass options
    Aluminum doors with obscure, bronze, tainted green, satin, white laminated, clear and gray glass are available.

Steel garage doors model 9100 and 9600 are carefully engineered to last a lifetime while providing a graceful home appearance. Their characteristics include:


  • Panel designs
    The doors come in varying attractive panel designs such as:
  • Sonoma
  • Contemporary
  • Sonoma ranch
  • Colonial
  • Ranch
  • Thermal efficiency
    Steel doors model 9100 is designed with a R-Value of 9 while model 9600 has a R-Value of 11.
  • Window options
    The following window options are available to suit homeowners’ tastes:
  • Arched Stockton
  • Cathedral 1 &11
  • Cascade 1 & 11
  • Stockton 1, 11 & 111
  • Clear 1 & 11
  • Waterton 1, 11, & 111
  • Color options
    These doors are available in different colors such as almond, green, Gray, white, taupe, brown and desert tan that suit varying home themes.

Aluminum garage doors model 8800 are a great choice for modern residential buildings. They provide the desired security with high door performance and add aesthetic value to homes. Here are the characteristics of these Wayne Dalton doors:


  • Panel designs
    Model 8800 aluminum doors are available in different panel designs such as 2 panels, 3 panels and 4 panels design.
  • Glass options
    Homeowners can choose to have a door with gray tainted, obscure, bronze tainted, satin etched, clear green tainted and white laminated glass.
  • Color options
    Doors with anodized finishes are available in Black, dark bronze and clear colors while those with powder coat finishes are in white, black and bronze colors.

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