Garage Door Tips

Simple Garage Door maintenance tips


Hiring a professional to perform the following maintenance tasks is highly recommended, for enhanced door performance and safety:


  • Lubricate rollers and pulleys.
  • Tighten loose bolts and nuts.
  • Check the tracks for damage.
  • Check the door balance regularly.

Garage Door Troubleshooting tips


Pressed the opener button and door won’t open? Here is what you need to do:


  • Check the batteries and replace them if need be.
  • Determine the power supply to the receiver.
  • Check if the door manual pull cable has been released.
  • Contact a professional.

Practical Garage Door Safety Tips


Practicing the following garage door safety tips prevent break-ins and fatal door accidents.


  • Install door with pinch free panels to protect children.
  • Allow technicians to fix garage door torsion springs.
  • Do not leave door opener in the car.
  • Test effectiveness of opener’s reverse mechanism and inspect door parts each month.

Garage Door Opener Buying Tips


Choosing a reliable garage door opener guarantees security and smooth door performance. Vital qualities of a great opener include:


  • Rolling code technology for maximum security.
  • Photoelectric eye to prevent entrapments and accidents.
  • Smooth and quiet performance.
  • Adequate horsepower to lift the door.
  • Availability of door opener services.