At Vision garage doors, in partnership with the leading brands in the market, guarantee superior quality residential and commercial garage door products. We provide garage doors controlled by state of the art and current technology for maximum security, excellent door performance and stylish statement about your lifestyle. We offer installation, repair, maintenance and other technical support services, aimed at preserving the quality while prolonging the life of products from the renowned brands below;

Access Affordable Top Garage Door Brands Now
Products from top garage door brands in the market are now accessible to all garage owners. These are products with guaranteed high quality, designed with attractive designs and features that extend their lifespan. Unlike the earlier days when the doors of the garage from popular brands, their parts and other accessories were damn expensive, the original products are available at prices well woven to suit a standard budget. In addition, technicians with varying skills regarding the doors from the major popular brands are ready 24 hours to offer emergency, urgent and non-urgent door services to garage owners.
Different garage door styles
Wide range of garage doors with different colors, styles, sizes and materials from the leading brands in the markets are available for sale. However, it is important that you choose the right door that well fits in your particular carport, suits the general home décor and has the features that can resist the unique environmental factors in your geographical setting. Here are the doors types that you may want to compare in order to choose the best:
 Roller doors
Roll up garage doors are made of ribbed steel material that runs vertically along the opening of the garage. Their movement is facilitated by the rollers that run along the tracks and rolls around the drum. Before settling for this type of the door, it is important to consult an expert to assess the available space as they are ideal for a garage with adequate headroom above the opening.
 Overhead doors
An Overhead garage door operates through varying mechanisms. You can opt for retractable, canopy or sectional doors which are all easy to automate. You can choose the doors made of steel, GRP or wood. Outside clearance space is required when opening and closing the door hence suitable for a garage with plenty driveway.
 Side hinged doors
Most wooden garage doors are designed with a side hinge, converter bar to allow for automation and fitted with a number of bolts to reinforce security. Call us for professional garage door installation services for accurate assessment of space available on the driveway as these doors normally open outwards.
Grab the best door springs
When buying garage door springs, it is advisable to know the right size and type for your door. Here are the common door spring types from the top brands:
• Extension springs
These springs are fixed on each side of the door parallel to the tracks and operate using the pulley system.
• Torsion springs
These springs should be fixed on the door opening with a shaft running through them. A single garage door torsion spring has the ability to lift the weight of a standard residential door while two springs are required for heavier doors. Contact us for garage door spring installation and repair services.
Door openers
Getting door openers from popular brands guarantee quality and enhanced door performance. Types of door openers include:
 Belt drive door openers
 Chain drive openers
 Screw- driven door openers
Contact us to access a garage door opener designed using the modern technology for maximum door efficiency.