Roll Up Garage Doors

Quality Residential Roll Up Garage Doors:

What you need to know


Quality residential roll up garage doors designed by leading manufacturers are now available at affordable prices. A roll up garage door is ideal for a home and commercial premises as it gives an easy access to the garage while providing the required security. This door type comes in different designs, colors and materials to suit individual tastes and rhyme with overall home décor. If you choose to install a rollup garage door, you need to hire a garage door service provider in your locality. Professional door installation prolongs the lifespan of a rolling door and enhances its performance.

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Types of rollup garage doors


There are different types of garage roll up doors from varying top brands for you to choose from. The doors are classified by the materials and number of panels used to make each particular door, not to mention the varying colors.


The major types include:


  • Sectional roll up doors

Just as the name suggests, this door type is made of about four panels forming several sections. The horizontal panels are rolled up together on the ceiling to open the door. Wood material is popular for making sectional doors. In order to protect the wood from environmental effects such as moisture, pest attacks and harsh climatic conditions, the door is painted with high quality furnish and insulated.


  •  Single panel doors

These are also known as steel roll up door made of a single panel. Single panel doors are commonly made from steel material that is sturdy and durable. Metal roll up doors are highly recommended for garages in humid regions and areas prone to strong winds, storms or hurricanes since they are strong compared to those made from other materials. However, aluminum and fiberglass materials are also used in making well functioning and long lasting roll up doors.


Advantages of garage rolling doors


Garage rolling doors are popular in residential and commercial building due to the following benefits:


  • Durable

Garage rolling doors are highly durable with the ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions and other environmental challenges. For example, rolling steel doors are easy to insulate, highly resistant to dents and cracks hence having a long lifespan. Installation, preventive maintenance and timely repairs performed by skilled technicians extend the lifespan of these doors. Contact us for continuous and affordable professional technical support.


  • Availability of original parts

Rolling garage doors have numerous movable parts that are prone to wear and tear processes. This means that after a period of door use, some parts such as rollers, springs and cables may require replacement. Original roll up garage door parts are available now in the market at affordable prices. Call us to access the required original door part and experienced technicians to install it.


  • Best for limited driveway space

Rolling doors of the garage are ideal for a garage with a limited driveway. A rolling door of the garage does not need a lot of space to open and close as it is the case for swing out and overhead rollup doors.


  • Economical

These doors are affordable and easy to maintain. Call us for best roll up door prices and cheap maintenance.

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