Garage Door Styles

Top 4 Garage Door Styles


Do you want to upgrade your home from ordinary to an elegant appearance? Selecting any of the garage door styles will definitely do the trick. You can now access doors of the garage crafted with durable materials, varying styles, sizes and colors at best garage door prices in the market today. The doors are designed to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes with accessories made using modern technology being available to facilitate efficiency and high door performance. However, selecting the ideal door and maintaining its original quality is a challenge without the technological know-how. You are not alone, as we are ready to walk you through the selection process and provide professional technical support for a long door lifespan. Here is a review of common door styles:


1. Carriage house doors


Carriage house doors have a traditional appearance while in the real sense they are classic. During the opening process, they may appear to swing out while indeed they are rolling up. They are versatile as they come in different colors and designs that rhyme with the majority of home décor. They are compatible with garage door openers designed with modern technology such as WIFI enabled openers. You can choose to have the door made of wood and steel depending on the weather conditions in your regions.


2. Modern doors


Garage doors designed with modern styles are now available in the market. Due to advanced technology, electronic doors fitted with an electronic system that operates the different garage door parts for best performance are available for sale. Good examples of modern doors are aluminum and glass garage doors that provide the much needed security. Also, wooden and steel stylish modern doors are available and they can be customized to suit the home style. When combined with the right lighting system, modern doors make the home to appear elegant. However, they require a little more maintenance for sustained good performance. Call us for affordable routine maintenance services.


3. Traditional doors


These garage doors are ideal for areas with harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds, high humidity, rain and heavy snow. Traditional doors are made of steel material that is sturdy to withstand varying environmental challenges and does not rust. These doors are durable and accommodate insulation materials that make them energy efficient. They are fitted with torsion garage door springs that lift their heavy weight when the opener is activated. Though they require annual maintenance, proper installation of door parts is essential for the safety of garage users. Contact us for installation services performed by skilled technicians.


4. Wooden doors


Most garage owners shy away from wooden garage doors as they require a lot of maintenance. However, doors made from wood material stained with a quality exterior finish are durable, sturdy and versatile. Wood provides a natural appearance with deep connection with nature. Alternatively, faux wood doors are available for garages in high moisture environments. These doors are made of steel and covered with a composite material. Contact us for professional door installation, repair, replacement and maintenance.

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