Garage Door Spring Replacement

Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement Colorado Springs


Seeking for professional garage door spring replacement Colorado Springs in Colorado helps prolonging the lifespan of the door. Before Embarking on a spring replacement, it is advisable to consult a garage door expert to assess the problem. This is essential in determining whether you need to replace the two springs or just one of them. In addition, it is difficult to establish whether the door problems being experienced by garage users are due to broken springs, cables or door opener as they present similar signs. Skilled garage doors technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify the source of the problem without guessing leading to less expenses, high door performance and enhanced safety for garage users.

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What to consider during garage door springs replacement


Getting the right garage door springs is essential for a well functioning door. In order to know the ideal type of springs for your door, it is advisable to contact the garage door Colorado Springs provider. Taking this step gives you access to springs from the leading brands in the market at affordable prices.


Here are some factors to consider when replacing the springs for the door of the garage:


  • Type of the springs

There are two major types of door spring available in the market. The location of the springs on the door helps in identifying the type of the spring. For example, torsion springs are normally found at the door opening while the extension springs are located on each side of the door. Also, observing the movement of the spring when opening and closing the door helps in knowing the spring type. In this case, torsion springs twist and coil while the extension springs stretch and extend to open the door. Call garage door partsin  Colorado Springs provider for top quality door springs.


  • Door weight

The doors of the garage are made of different materials that determine their general weight. Door springs are installed to lift the weight of the door allowing it to open and close smoothly. Apart from the material used in making the door, the mechanism of the door determines the overall weight to be borne by the springs. For example a steel overhead garage door is likely to have more weight than an aluminum sliding door. Contact Vision Garage Doors to access the right type of the springs with the ability to lift the weight of your specific door type.


  • Length of the spring

Extension and torsion springs come in different dimensions determined by their length. It is advisable to consider the length of the springs for best door performance. You can measure the length of extension springs or count the coils of the torsion springs to determine their length. Seeking for professional assistance from door repair in Colorado Springs is highly recommended for accurate spring length measurement. Garage door repair in Colorado Springs has a team of technicians with expertise in springs measurement, repair and installation. Contact garage door services for professional, fast and affordable door springs replacement.

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