Garage Door Spring Repair

Cheap Garage Door Spring Repair in Colorado Springs


Now you can access cheap garage door spring repair performed by experts. Continuous stretching, extending, twisting and coiling of garage door springs, exposes them to wear and tear process making them to break. Springs require regular maintenance that includes lubrication as they are made of metal hence prone to rusting especially humid hot summer and cold winter seasons. Professional garage door installation helps to prolong the lifespan of the springs. If the door is not well installed, a lot of weight is exerted on the springs straining them. This leads to breaking of the springs resulting in premature replacement and repair. However, at some point, every garage owner requires springs repair services for good door performance.

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When to call garage door torsion springs repair experts


It is a challenge for garage owners to identify specific signs of a broken door spring. This is because the subtle signs of broken springs are more often confused with those of other broken garage door parts. This is why it is important to call a reliable service provider every time your door starts acting up to identify the source of the problem and perform the required repairs.


Signs of broken springs include:


  • Door closing or opening issues

When the door of the garage closes or opens halfway, many garage users associate the problem with a broken opener. To be specific, when a garage door spring is broken, the door tends to go up only 6”. Chamberlain garage door opener has a safety feature that pulls the door up to prevent serious damage to the door or opener. Also, a broken spring may cause uneven door opening. If you notice any of the door opening and closing issues, contact us for accurate diagnosis and fast spring repair services.


  • Loud bang

Each garage door torsion spring is winded to add intense tension that enables it to lift the door adequately. When they are broken, they snap, unwinding to release pressure that makes the coils to hit against the shaft running through them. This makes a loud bang that is hard to ignore. To ascertain that one or both springs are broken, try to lift the door manually to determine if it is heavy as this is an indication that the springs are not able to hold the weight of the door. Remember examining whether the springs are intact or not is risky. Call us to check on your springs for your safety and that of other garage users.


  • Door falling down unusually fast

When using an automatic garage door opener, the door should fall at a relatively slow pace. However, once the door spring is broken, the overhead door tends to fall faster than usual once the garage door opener remote is pressed. This door behavior requires to be addressed urgently by a technician. Contact us today in garage doors repair for timely and affordable springs repair services. Contact Vision Garage Doors for openers with safety feature installation.

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