Essential Garage Door Safety Features

Garage door safety is a prime consideration to make and worth investing in. Lax door safety measures expose your home to an unwanted third party such as burglars and places the lives of garage users at risk. Garage doors are the largest moving object in a residential building that makes the garage an ideal storage of valuables, a comfortable guest room or an entertainment room. However, without investing on safety features, bearing slight discomfort to practice safety measures and allowing professionals to offer varying services, your garage door is likely to pose a great danger to your valuables, garage users, kids and pets. This puts you at a risk of huge financial losses. Consulting a garage door service provider helps in getting viable safety tips and guidance to door safety features available in the market.

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Cheap garage door safety features


You can ensure that garage users are safe and your valuables secure by practicing simple DIY safety practices. However, these practices do not guarantee 100% security without the vital door safety features. You can access safety features from leading brands in the market at competitive prices.

Ensure that your door has the following safety features for maximum safety:


  • Rolling code technology

Garage door opener designed with rolling code technology prevents code grabbing that gives the burglars easy access into your home. The rolling code technology changes the security code of your door such that if a third party captures the current security code, the code will no longer be active when they try to use the opener. In addition, remember to change the remote control and opener remote codes set by the manufacturers. Contact us for installation of modern garage door opener models with safety and security features.


  • Safety enhanced door springs

Springs play an important role in lifting the weight of the door of the garage. Door springs are put at high tension that facilitates their functions. Exposed springs pose an imminent danger as they can snap if pulled or hit by something causing injuries. Installing torque garage door torsion springs is high recommended for enhanced garage door users’ safety. Each torque torsion spring is placed in a safety tube that secures the spring especially when it breaks. If you install this type of spring and suspect that it has some issues, call us for affordable repair services performed by skilled technicians.


  • Photoelectric eye

A photoelectric eye causes the door to reverse immediately a moving object which can be a pet or a child is sensed passing across the door opening when the door is closing. This garage door openers feature plays an important role in preventing fatal accidents caused by the door of the garage. Contact us for installation, repair and maintenance services of an opener with a photoelectric eye for maximum door safety.

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