DIY Troubleshooting Tips for Garage Door Openers Remotes


Garage door opener remotes are designed with the modern technology to enable garage users to open the doors without leaving the car. Depending on the remote model, the opener produces an IR or infrared signal which is sent to the receiver. This signal triggers the switch that makes the electric motor to open or close the door of the garage. A remote control of the door opener should function smoothly without any delays or resistance in opening or closing the door. A faulty door opener remote simply means that you will be locked in or out of the garage, or experience some delays. Opener remote issues can be simple hence fixed through DIY means or complex requiring the attention of a garage door expert. Here are some DIY troubleshooting tips that can help you to resolve simple opener remote issues:

  • Check the specified IR signal range

Chamberlain, Genie or Liftmaster door openers remotes should be within a specified range for it to have adequate signal sending strength. This strength facilitates smooth functioning of the opener. If you press the remote and fail to activate the door motor, read the manual to know the specified IR signal range.  If the remote has no other issues, the motor should open or close the door when you press the remote within the range.

  • Inspect the remote batteries

Weak or dead batteries are prime causes of opener remote failures. If you are within the range and the remote does not activate the door motor, check the strength of the batteries. Contact a garage door service provider for dead or weak batteries replacement. You can open the door manually as you wait for the replacement of the batteries. In addition, use of specific name brand batteries is highly recommended compared to discount brand ones. Name brand batteries guarantee long lifespan and smooth remote functions.

  • Inspect the batteries contacts

Intact battery contacts favor the electric current movement to the circuit board located in the remote control. When the remote fails to work, check the contacts normally located in the battery case to determine whether they are wet or worn as this may hinder the movement of the electric movement. Dry wet contacts and polish the discolored ones using a fine grit sand paper. However, it is advisable to call a technician to assess the contacts and fix the issue for a smooth functioning opener’s remote control.

  • Check the eye for dirt

The eye is the plastic cover over the IR unit present in the remote control and signal receiving unit. This plastic cover is prone to dust which accumulates over a period of time. The dirt interferes with the passing of the signal from the IR unit in the remote control to the IR unit in the receiver. To prevent this, it is advisable to clean the plastic cover with a damp lint free cloth regularly. However, if the eye is scratched and stained, consider having a total replacement. Contact us for garage door openers remotes servicing, replacements, repairs and programming for a high door performance.