Reliable Garage Door Opener Inspection Services


Garage door opener inspection is one of the essential preventive door maintenance procedures. Failure to perform routine inspection of the door opener gives way to a vicious cycle of premature repairs and replacements of door openers and other related parts. It is important to note that a broken door opener paralyzes the functions of the door making it impossible to open or close the door. This can be dangerous especially when garage users are locked out at night and inconveniencing if locked in early in the morning. You can do simple DIY opener inspection by ensuring that the opener functions smoothly without unusual noise. However, routine professional inspection of the door opener is highly recommended.

Benefits of regular professional door opener inspection

Regular garage door opener inspection performed by skilled technicians brings numerous benefits. It is true that DIY inspection is cheap but more often it gives way to serious door problems. Identify a good service provider to perform opener inspection regularly for the following benefits:

  • Early door opener issues detection

Garage door opener has numerous movable parts that facilitate its functions such as gears, drivers and motors among other parts. Some of these parts are hard to reach for the DIY enthusiasts hence difficult to identify a developing problem. On the other hand, technicians have the expertise and experience that enable them to put a finger on a developing issue and performing an early repair. Remember that unresolved opener issues may lead to breaking of other major door parts such as cables and springs. Regular opener inspection is necessary for timely repairs especially when the door presents with some erratic behaviors, unusual noise and other undesirable signs.

  • Enhanced door safety
  • Garage door safety is a prime consideration that should be made by every garage owner. Emergency reversal mechanism protects the kids, pets and cars from being accidentally crushed by the door. In this case, the door reverses immediately when an object beyond 1.5 inches from the ground is detected. Regular professional opener inspection is essential to ensure that the safety mechanism functions properly.
  • Prolonged door lifespan

Garage door opener inspection being a protective maintenance procedure helps in prolonging the lifespan of the door. A faulty door opener may weaken other parts such as the cables, rollers and springs that support the weight of the door. This mainly occurs when the opener issues are unidentified and unresolved over a long period of time. This shortens the lifespan of the door. Periodic opener inspections helps in detecting the issues and fixing them early hence prolonging the lifespan of the garage door.

  • Cost effective

Though many avoid professional opener inspection to save money, this could lead to more expenditure instead. Early opener issue detection achieved during routine inspection leads to minor repairs while late detection leads to major repairs or replacements of the opener and other parts. It is unfortunate to have a major opener repair or replacement of parts, a process that is more expensive than inspection and minor repairs. Go for cheap garage door opener inspection services to keep premature replacements at bay.