Emergency Garage Door


Reliable 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Services
Identifying a reliable emergency garage door repair service provider is important for both residential and commercial garage owners. The doors of the garage have many moving parts that are subject to wear and tear hence breaking after sometime. This makes the door not to move smoothly as expected and at times failing to open or close completely. Some common garage door problems are simple and can be solved through DIY repair procedures while others are complex, requiring the intervention of professionals. Unfortunately, door issues come up during the unfriendly hours of the night or early in the morning when you are rushing to start the day. 24 hour repairs are now available offered by professional garage doors online service providers.
When should I call a garage door repairman?
This is a question that disturbs the minds of many garage owners especially the DIY enthusiasts. It is true that you can solve many minor door issues but at some point you will need the help of a professional for an extended door lifespan and good performance. Here are some of the door issues that you just need to let a professional to fix:
 Broken door springs
Every door of the garage has either garage door extension springs or torsion springs. The springs play an important role of lifting the heavy weight of the door. A normal door of the garage has two springs one on each side fixed under high pressure especially the Garage door torsion spring. When springs are broken, the door may make a lot of noise while moving, hangs unevenly or fails to open. In this case, do not try to fix the springs as they can cause serious bodily harm. Call skilled technicians to replace the broken springs and guarantee your safety.
 A crookedly hanging door
Garage doors should be well balanced for best performance. Their balance is facilitated by the cables and springs. When the cables or springs are broken, the door loses the balance hanging crookedly. Also, the garage door hinges should be checked in case of swing and hang doors. Similarly, if the door runs off the garage door track, the balance is lost hence need for urgent door alignment. This can be prevented by routine balance test on the door. Make use of garage door emergency release kit that allows you to open the door manually. If the door rallies back after you have lifted it, then you need a technician to fix the underlying problems.
 Bent or broken rollers
Garage door rollers are prone to bending and breaking after a period of door use. Roller up garage door depends on intact rollers to function well. Replacement of the rollers should be handled by a professional for a smooth running door and safety of the garage users.
 Garage door opener repair
A faulty door opener paralyses the movement of the entire door locking you in or out of the house. Issues with the openers are caused by a broken chain or belt depending on the drive or faulty garage door remotes. In this case, you need to call for emergency garage door opener repair services.