16×7 garage door

Common Mistakes to Avoid in 16×7 Garage Door Installation


A standard 16×7 garage door is designed to last over twenty years without needing to replace it regardless of the material used to make it. Yes, the lifespan of a door is primarily determined by its quality and maintenance. However, a botched garage door installation could lead to damage of the door resulting in premature replacement. This is why professional installation is preferred over DIY process. Unfortunately, one may not notice that the door has an issue soon after installation since the problem develops gradually till when the entire door becomes faulty.



Here are some mistakes to avoid should you choose to install your own garage door:



Choosing wrong door type


Different garage door types of size 16×7 are readily available in the market categorized by their mechanism. In order to know the right type of the door for your garage, it is important to consider the nature of your garage. For example, if your garage is designed for a one car then you need to go for a single garage door while the double door of the garage is for a wide garage. Similarly, if the compound is small with limited driveway space, a swing out door of the garage will not work hence need to consider any model of roll up garage doors or sliding doors. Mark that an overhead door does the magic if the there is plenty space in the ceiling above the opening.


Opener with less Horsepower


Garage door openers are essential in moving the heavy door of the garage when opening and closing. The horsepower of the garage door opener should be adequate to lift the door. Openers with less horsepower are likely to break down with time leading to a premature replacement. When the opener is broken, the door will tend to open only halfway or reverse halfway shortly after the garage door opener remote is pressed. For example, a steel door is heavier than an aluminum door hence requiring an opener with high horsepower. Contact us to provide professional guidance on the best garage door opener with adequate horsepower to lift your door of the garage.


Failure to consider geographical location


Before buying and installing a particular door of the garage, it is important to consider the geographical location of the garage. This entails assessing the wind strength and other climatic factors such as the occurrence of storms, snow, heavy rains and high humidity. This helps in choosing the right door material. For example, if your garage is located in a moisture prone region, it is advisable to consider a steel door or strong wooden garage doors fitted with a weather seal and well stained to protect it. Though the garage doors prices for reinforced doors may be relatively high, it is worth investing on such doors if your garage is located in a hurricane prone region.


Wrong size of door springs


Garage door springs come in different sizes. Installing the wrong size of the springs may lead to additional garage door installation cost for the springs to be replaced, door damage and injuries to garage users. Call us for professional garage door torsion spring installation.

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